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Cowbutt Crunchies Cosplay

Cowbutt Crunchies is an internationally acclaimed LGBTQ+ couple who specializes in complex couture cosplay and original pop culture-based designs. Long time members of the community who are always pushing the envelope of creativity, they are passionate craftspeople, designers, and educators whose experimental mixed media builds feature a wide mastery of unique techniques. Their work is both intricately detailed and impossibly over the top, making use of their ever-growing skillsets including advanced needlework, extreme wigwork, detailed armor, makeup effects, moldmaking, lighting, and animatronics.

Their passion for cosplay has taken them around the world, judging and hosting guest workshops in several countries. Regan enjoys competing herself, and in 2019 was crowned the Global Champion of Cosplay at the Crown Championships of Cosplay world finals. You can also occasionally find them on prime time television and online featurettes, including ABC's "To Tell the Truth" and Adam Savage's "Tested." They have also worked alongside a number of companies to bring their characters to life through the art of cosplay, including Riot Games (League of Legends) and miHoYo (Genshin Impact).

As long-time teachers, they are the authors of thee published cosplay books - The Art of Extreme Wig Styling (2020), Fabulous Cosplay Footwear (2021), and their newest title, The Cosplayer's Book of Ball Gowns, which launched in fall of 2022.

With two decades of experience, their focus is on is learning and creativity, encouraging other cosplayers through cosplay education. They strongly believe in giving back to the community through workshops and online tutorials, as well as through their cosplay charity Patreon. The name "Cowbutt" and "Crunchies" comes from their first two adopted cats, and to date they have raised over $25,000 for cat-related rescues.

Our Books

To date we have published three instructional cosplay books through C&T Publishing with the goal of sharing our techniques with both new and experienced cosplayers. The Art of Extreme Wig Styling, Fabulous Cosplay Footwear, and The Cosplay Book of Ballgowns are available in local book shops and crafting stores, and signed copies can be purchased directly through our shop at this link.



As mixed media specialists an unusually expansive mastery of many different construction techniques, we pride ourselves on our ability to accurately judge high level contests. This wide range is particularly useful in evaluating the difficulty level and finishing across all categories, including needlework, armor, and FX. We have judged national and international level contests in Australia, England, Germany, Canada, and the USA, but very much enjoy encouraging beginners at smaller contests as well.

Panels and Workshops

We love presenting at conventions and shows! Our panels offer a highly educational slant over a large array of topics that spans beginners through experts. Examples of panels and workshops we have presented in the past are:

  • The Bare Bones of Corsetry

  • Introduction to Patterning

  • Shifting and Drafting Patterns

  • Fabric Smocking: Hands-on Workshop

  • Defying Gravity: Extreme Wig Styling

  • Common Wig Problems and How to Solve Them

  • Advanced Wigstyling Demonstration

  • Cosplaying with Thermoplastics

  • The Devil's in the Details: Detailing Worbla and Thibra

  • Introduction to Casting, Moldmaking, and Prosthetics

  • Breaking Down the Impossible Project

  • Build a Cosplay Ballgown

  • Designing for Cosplay: Original and AU Creations

  • Building Your Cosplay Toolbox

In general we prefer to travel as a duo, as we each offer different skillsets and function as each others' handlers with larger costumes. However we are open to solo travel if need be.

Interested in arranging appearances, panels, or judging? Please send us an email at cowbuttcrunchies@gmail.com

Media and Contact

To find more of our work, progress, and tutorials, please visit our social media sites below.


Features free tutorials, detailed walkthroughs, and videos. All funds are donated to cat rescues through our charity site Cosplayers for Cats


The best place to view our progress, tutorials, and announcements - we regularly update with new projects and completed photography.


Larger quality photos and announcements can be found here


Short form videos and tutorials.


Where to find our books, prints, and stickers!

For inquiries, proposals, or any questions you might have, please download our Media Kit from this link or contact us at cowbuttcrunchies@gmail.com

Experience and Credentials


  • Fan Expo Masters of Cosplay (2022): International Finals Runner Up
  • Crown Championships of Cosplay at C2E2 (2019): Global Champion of Cosplay
  • Keystone Comic Con (2018): Best in Show
  • Colossalcon Wig Styling Competition (2018): First Place
  • Eastern Championships of Cosplay at New York Comic Con (2017): Third Place Overall, First Place FX
  • Twitchcon Cosplay Contest (2017): First place Larger Than Life
  • Boston Comic Con (2016): Best in Show
  • Worbla's national TranspArt Contest (2016): First Place
  • Arda's Iron Wig international Contest (2015): Second Place
Guest Appearances

  • MCM Birmingham (Birmingham, England): 2022
  • New York Comic Con (New York, NY): 2022
  • Spa Con (Hot Springs, AR): 2022
  • Cosplay America (Raleigh, NC): 2022
  • King Con (Renton, WA): 2021
  • New York Comic Con (New York, NY): 2021
  • MCM London (London, England): 2019
  • Supanova Sydney (Sydney, Australia): 2019
  • Supanova Perth (Perth, Australia): 2019
  • Granitecon (Manchester, NH): 2019
  • Cosplay America (Raleigh, NC): 2019
  • Anime Boston (Boston, MA): 2019
  • Another Anime Convention (Nashua, NH): 2018
  • Connichi (Kassel, Germany): 2018
  • Cosplay America (Raleigh, NC): 2018
  • Comicpalooza! (Houston, TX): 2018
  • ConBravo! (Hamilton, Canada): 2017
  • Animara Con (Sherbrooke, Canada): 2017
  • Animaine (Portland, ME): 2017
  • Cosplay and Anime Expo (Nashua, NH): 2015-2018

Judging Experience:

  • Crown Championships UK Qualifier (Birmingham, England): 2022
  • Crown Championships Eastern Qualifier (New York, NY): 2022
  • Spa-Con Cosplay Contest (Renton, WA): 2021
  • Crown Championships Eastern Qualifier (New York, NY): 2021
  • EuroCosplay Championships Finals (London, England): 2019
  • Cosplay Odyssey, Perth Qualifier (Perth, WA Australia): 2019
  • Cosplay Odyssey, Sydney Qualifier (Sydney, NSW Australia): 2019
  • European Cosplay Gathering, German Qualifier (Kassel, Germany): 2018
  • Masters of Cosplay, Eastern Qualifier (Boston, MA): 2018
  • Comicpalooza! Cosplay Contest (Houston, TX): 2018
  • Sailor Moon Moonlight Masquerade, sponsored by Viz Media (Boston, MA): 2018
  • ConBravo! Masquerade (Hamilton, Canada): 2017

Freelance and Sponsorships

  • Surebonder: Tutorial Freelance, 2022
  • Riot Games: League of Legends commission build, 2021
  • miHoYo: Genshin Impact commission build, 2020
  • Arda Wigs: Tutorial Freelance and Sponsor, 2022-2018
  • Husqvarna Viking: Brand Ambassador, 2020-2019
  • Massachusettes College of Art, Guest Artist Lecturer: October 2018 and October 2017
  • Uniqso: Sponsorship, 2016-2019
  • Cosplaysupplies and Worbla.com: Sponsorship, 2017-2018
  • Live Love Polish: Sponsorship 2018
  • RIT Dye: Sponsorship 2017
  • Sparkfun Electronics: Sponsorship 2017

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